Over the past couple of years, the buying power, as well as year-round demand in the South African market, has increased to such an extent that this has become an area of great focus for us. We are currently in the position where we do arrival evaluations with some commodities being but not limited to Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Stone fruit, Pome fruit, Vegetables and Table Grapes from all over the globe.


The focus of an arrival evaluation is to initially determine if the product is acceptable for import. From there the goal is to determine whether the product is suitable for supermarket or wholesale purposes.


  • Container arrival at port
  • Transport to inland cold room or re-packing hub


  • DAFF phytosanitary inspection
  • FTQS compliance to measurables check
  • External and internal compliance check for wholesale or retail use as per quality specification
  • Final check for progressive defects and decay


  • Sorting is decided by the receiver to either wholesale or retailers using FTQS reports as  a guide
  • As soon as sorting and re-packing occurs, the product gets transported to the relevant market


  • Monitoring of fruit in selected markets
  • Providing relevant feedback to all parts of the supply chain

Quality Inspections
for Marine Surveyors

Over the past couple of years, as independent quality surveyors, we have worked side by side with Marine Surveyors to share our fruit expertise with Marine Surveyors more comfortable providing feedback on the technical spectrum and not on the perishable product. 

Reports are used for

  • Cutting costs when product is stopped at packhouse level
  • Assist in Claims dispute
  • Marketing tool (knowing what to expect in the market)
  • Management tool