Each commodity has its own set of quality denominators and corresponding evaluation procedures. F.T.T supplies the client with report formats, accompanied by photos, relevant to the respective commodities. These are tailor made to the client’s requirements and inspections are done on site


  • Grading orchard for sensitive markets.
  • Ensuring good harvest practices.
  • Monitoring harvest windows.


  • Monitoring of grading and packing.
  • Ensuring compliance to all measurable standards.


  • Monitoring measurable standards.
  • Final check for progressive defects.
  • Monitoring product handling.


  • Monitoring arrival of fruit in selected markets.
  • Providing relevent feedback to all parts of supply chain.

The main areas focused on during evaluation are packaging, marking requirements, measurable quality defects, insect infestation and progressive quality defects. Each evaluation is done according to the intended market’s specifications determined by the protocol of each individual client. If the product does not comply the client is advised accordingly to either re-route the product to a less sensitive market or to rather market the product locally.

The core commodities focused
on by F.T.T are as follows:

  • Citrus
  • Table Grapes
  • Stone Fruit
  • Pome Fruit
  • Sub Tropical fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Berries

Reports are used for:

  • Cutting costs when product is stopped at packhouse level

  • Assist in Claims dispute

  • Marketing tool (knowing what to expect in the market)

  • Management tools


Field/orchard packing in terms of table grapes is a concept we have sufficient expertise regarding field/orchard packing protocols and advice on logistic solutions. F.T.T was also part of the first BRC field packing protocol to launch in the southern hemisphere.

We currently provide our pre-shipment service to clients based in Southern Africa, Europe, Middle East and Malaysia.

Harvest (pre-and post-) and packhouse evaluations/audits are also done on request.