About Us

Company Philosophy

An established company since 2004, Finishing Touch Trust has extensive expertise and experience in the fresh produce export and import sector. All of our expertly trained officials are vastly experienced in all aspects of the export/import industry.

After deregulation, the trend in the export industry has evolved in such a way that the minimum prescribed export standards do not necessarily comply with the respective markets supplied by the South African exporter.

FTT believes that it should be market orientated, as any product has a value without exception if it is sent to the correct buyer’s market.

This format further gives more relevant information to the inland representative and technical personnel on a daily basis regarding fruit quality as well as pack house related problems. The necessary steps can then be taken on ground level to counter any issues arising from poor orchard, post harvest and packing practices.

For the marketer to make an informed decision regarding which market is suitable for which standard of product it is futile to make said decision with information based solely on fruit condition during harvest and packing as the product is still in optimum condition during this period. The best time in the chain of events preceding shipment to make this call is when the product is in the harbour cold stores. Latent quality issues need time to manifest.

By evaluating the product after this period a much more informed decision can be made because a significant time has elapsed between packing and evaluation. By supplying the marketers with this information they are now also equipped to feed their respective buyers with relevant information. Even if a consignment has some quality issues the overseas buyer can start planning for the impact of this and even avoid a hefty cost implication (claims) by exploring different avenues of sale.