Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are seasonally based at all major ports of South Africa including selective inland ports. Namibia, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Durban and Limpopo.

How do we contact you?

Please feel free to make use of the contact page on our site and we will get back to you on your request.

How much notice do you need before an inspection can be done?

We do meticulous planning a day in advance of all our inspection services to make sure we can accommodate all our clients. We specifically ask for at least 24h notice before inspection can take place as we need to give notice to inspection points or cold rooms so they can plan accordingly.

What commodities do you specialize in?

The 4 main commodities we specialize in are Grapes, Citrus, Stone fruit and Pome fruit.

What information do you supply when doing an inspection?

FTQS inspection services make use of the Dipar system when capturing relevant data for our clients. In some cases, we customize reports to suit the needs of the client as per the relevant information they request. We use a list of Measurables, Marking Requirements, Internal/external quality, Progressive defects and Decay.

Do you consider client-based specifications when doing your inspection?

As FTQS is a target market orientated service, our core function is to determine if the product complies to the client’s (Buyer) specifications.

Do you have international representation?

We have had overseas representation in the past. Unfortunately, not at the moment.

How much do you charge as an ad-hoc tariff?

Please get in touch with us for the latest inspection tariffs.

How does your feedback structure work?

We use our the Dipar System to create all reports as well as a call to our client during inspection or when inspection is done.

Does F.T.T do pack house line inspections?

Yes, we do. This is a function we have a lot of expertise, and it is also the most valuable point of control.

Can F.T.T supply an acidity test as part of the inspection report?

We are currently in the process of purchasing devices that may help with testing the acidity of fruit. This is the future of information in quality control, and we would like to be a part of it.

Does F.T.T do inspections on fruit for local consumption?

Yes, we do. As an independent quality service, we use local supermarket or wholesale specifications to make sure fruit complies to buyer preference.